Photoart#2 Gunung Payung Photo Session

Still at the same Place: Gunung Payung Beach

For you who are currently visiting Bali, this is a highly recommended place to visit. It was not so crowded, but recently there’s a resort development in the area so more people coming and I guess in few months ahead this place wouldn’t be as quite/peaceful as now. I like this beach because not so many people coming here. First, when I come here, the road was not so good…now it’s so smooth. And you have to come down the hill to reach the beach, and hike up when go back… pretty tiring but exciting, maybe that’s why some people hesitate to come–maybe those people who don’t like hiking.

I’ll give you the map screencap.. I was in the south-side of Bali. So you cannot get sunset view here.. but it is such a nice beach anyway.


It’s close to Pandawa Beach (which moooree people go a lot people there). Even though personally, I’ve never been to Pandawa Beach, but since my friend said that it was pretty crowded,  I don’t have any intention to visit it.


Green bowl beach is pretty nice too but, it’s cliff-beach type (I don’t know the right term in english sorry..) so the beach is narrow, if it’s high-tide then you don’t have any sand left to have place to lay down. You know what I mean? So you have to check the tide before visit there.

So what I was doing there, was taking some nice photos and swiiiiiiiim (swimming is the main reason). I was not hoping for low tide since I didn’t check it, and it will be still nice anyway either low tide or high tide. Last time I come here it was high tide, the wave is pretty big but the current was not so strong. I was rainy season so the water was not so clear, but it’s pretty clean beach. It’s nice place to swim 🙂

Another reason is doing a jewelry photo-shoot for my friend. I still ask her permission to post the others photo, so I post this one with her face not so obvious and non-close-up look of the jewelry.

So Gunung Payung have this green-rock-wall (I don’t know how to call it) which is so beautiful, so can take a lot of picture here (seriously, if you are the kind of selfie-person then probably you will spent a lot of time here)… but you can also enjoy it with your eyes.


No, she’s not selling it (if you ask me)…this is just for fun. Haha.. She just custom-made the necklace, I was interested, so we decided to make photo-shoot for this. Totally random-impulsive decision. It’s nice anyway. I like taking picture (of other people..haha no picture of me)

Now you get the kind of wall I mean.

Next… the sceneryyyyy~


I took in when I still up on the hill… the beach is down there… still long way to go, but the blue already catch my breath away..


Of course I swam for a while and forgot my camera (I mean I didn’t take any photos at all) until it was almost sunset…and you know what… GOLDEN HOURS!!! YEAY!!

So I take some picture, like that one above. As I said, you can’t get sunset view, but the light is great anyway… the yellow is precious!!


This one I take when I were coming up again to go home… and the sun was already setting, it was already pretty dark but thank God I still got the beautiful cloud color!!

So, if you come to Bali, make sure to put this place on your schedule!

We can also travel there together. haha. Love it if I can have new friends!


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