From Bandung to Bali

There’s no growth in comfort zone.

The quote, I don’t really know from whom it came from, but I always have it inside my head. Always. Because each time I feel that my life is so flat, nothing happen, I check myself, am I in my comfort zone? Maybe that’s why I feel kind of flat, I’m in a status quo.

So, one day I woke up and knew that I have to do something about it. Some people just accept it, like “why bother”, “don’t make your life any harder”, “so what, we can still have fun”… Well, “just having fun” is not how I want to spent my life. I want to do something meaning full and find out the core purpose of my existence.

Many people guessed, maybe it’s a one night decision, a temporal emotion, when I suddenly I want to move to Bali and work there. No family there, only few people I know. Why Bali? A revelation came to me one night and I couldn’t stop thinking about it since. I’ve been living in Bandung for about 5 years, had my university study there and then worked for a year. A lot of things happened while I was studying, I’ve improved and I’ve changed so much! I love Bandung with a half of my heart (that’s a lot already). But the thing is, I love it so much, it had become my comfort zone. So comfortable in Bandung, family, best friends, and almost everything is there.

Life always has challenge for you, doesn’t mean there’s no challenge in Bandung. Of course there is. But I’ve prepared to face it, nothing big really. After graduation, I struggle a bit with working-pace life, but then I managed to adapt in three or four months. After that, day by day, I felt so flat. I don’t know if this happen to anyone. Maybe because I always thirst of blood (no I’m not a vampire)… I always thirst of adventure, something new, some challenges which will improve myself.

Not that I’m not thankful with my condition, I’m thankful for everything God allows me to experience, everything is great. But that’s the matter, when everything is great, I don’t want to just get drown in temporal happiness, knowing that I was mean to do something meaningful, purposeful, and great with God. And I get it that I won’t experience that in Bandung. So, I prayed for three months and decided to move to Bali.

I watched this video from Ted Ed. And, yeah, that’s another confirmation of why I have to do this. (watch here). Most of us, perhaps, avoid crisis, while we actually need it to improve our self.

Beware or be careful of what you wished for, because you might get it. Make sure that you really want it, the wish, make sure when it actually comes in front of your eyes, you don’t get shocked and regret, throw that away, or want to turn back. You can’t! There’s no turning back in this journey. I can still turn back to Bandung, but I can’t turn back time. I already made my choice, take my first step, nothing will be the same again.

A thousand miles journey, begin with the first step. I guess everyone ever heard about that quote. I want to add something to the quote:

“A thousand miles journey begins with the first step. But once the first step is taken, there’s no turning back. So make sure that you really want to finish this thousand miles journey, because you can neither go back nor stop in the middle”

Yap, I made quite a long quote.

Now, here I am, already a month in Bali, and I get what I wish. I expect an unexpected challenge and journey. And everything here, since the first day, is really unexpected! Shocked, confused, a bit down, but then I realize, this is what I wished for. I’m improving. Kind of weird, but I enjoy the kind experience I am in now. I want to tell about it in detail, but perhaps in my next post.

The highlight is, in the end it’s your choice—your FAITH, because it’s your journey. Other people come and go, they can tell you what they think, they can give you advice, but in the end who walk in it is yourself on your own. Other people can help, but only you can actually feel it, experience it. Other people might try to understand, but they will never entirely understand. They are kind, they want to help, and it’s good. But you also have to realize, this is your life, your journey, your decision, you have to be sure by yourself, have the conviction in your heart, not by other people conviction. You can’t live by other people’s faith, you live in your own FAITH. So have FAITH!

And that’s why you need God, because in this journey, only God can understand, only God knows where to go, what decision to take. Only God, who really walks with you, in you, through the whole way. Only God. So, above all else—problems, pressure, happiness, challenge, struggle, smile, tears—I’m so thankful that I have Jesus who walk with me, and I get to know Jesus even more. After all, this is not really my journey, this is God’s journey that’s given to me.

Adventure is out there!


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